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#5:Wine About It- DGMS

Join me and my best friend as we share a bottle of wine and ‘wine’ about our problems to our friend from afar. Topics include countries and the problems they have, boys, relationships in general, and things only tipsy/drunk people would dare to talk about.


#3: Superpowers-DGMS

Join me and my brother once again as we ramble on about a topic we both know nothing about: Superheroes.

What’s the best superpower you could think of?


#2:Weekend Adoption-DGMS

Ever wanted to know what a weekend with me is like? Do I see an Oscar in my future?


Here is the aforementioned picture:



#1:Midget Cream Ft.Adam-DGMS

Listen to the first installment of DGMS! In this episode we have the guests Paul, the inventor of the world renound Midget Cream, and Gary, the scientist behind the design. Tune in to the exclusive interview!


Sound Cloud Link

Here’s a link to the Soundcloud 🙂

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